Pantask VA

Intelligent, Flexible Virtual Assistance

Whether you’re a fledgling start up or successful business Pantask's virtual assistance services get rid of the headache of screening freelancers yourself.

"I don’t think I’ve ever encountered such delight when assigning tasks before! Pantask’s assistants are sharp, funny, kind + operate in a can-do spirit. They make the entire process easy and enjoyable, each one hand-matched to a set of needs. With earnest check-ins + proactive communication, you truly feel like Pantask is teaming up with you to get things done."

- Joy Mackay, CEO, Elaboration Inc.


You can communicate with your assistant whatever way you prefer; Skype, email, Whatsapp, whatever you like! We bill by the hour so no long term commitment is necessary. And if for any reason you need a replacement, we’ll have you a new assistant ready as soon as possible.

No language barrier

Our personal assistants are native English speakers selected for versatility and speed. We hire mainly in North America and Europe.


We strive to build sincere, long-term relationships with our clients; it’s more satisfying for us and (we hope) for you. We'll will gladly sign an NDA prior to any business proceedings. And since we’re a small company you can schedule a call with the founders whenever you want.

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